Quitters Stories

The stories below are real life quitters who tell their true stories about how they successfully stopped smoking and how they used the free support.

If you have quit smoking and would like to tell your story please drop us a line on smokefree.sefton@nhs.net

"I feel absolutely fantastic. The service here has been great, really friendly and supportive. I have never felt judged, and have even had a laugh coming here every week.

My skin is better too, I can see it has more colour. I actually look rosy cheeked in the mornings... and you should see my house. It's so much cleaner and it doesn't smell of smoke."

Vanda Lee Evans

"I used to be a gymnast and won 4 gold medals for Birmingham years back. I know I shouldn't smoke, but it's taken a while to get me to stop this time.

I know I've got lots of wrinkles and dry skin due to smoking and I hope that by stopping smoking it will help this.

With the money I save, i'll be taking the grandchildren out on day trips"

Marg Saunders

I was 15 years old when I started smoking. I'm 27 now. I've never tried to stop before and I loved smoking. I never thought I would, though I did say to my husband that if I ever got pregnant I would. Well, I found out I was pregnant and went to see my GP, who referred me to Solutions 4 Health. I'd asked for a home visit, as I work shifts and it was easier to catch me at the end of the day.

Amy was my advisor and she made all the difference. I found it really hard to stop, but she was always there for me. I felt I could ring her whenever I was struggling, and she would text me between home visits to make sure I was still doing ok. Now i'm not interested in smoking, which is unbelievable. I thought once I was out of hospital, I'd be back on the cigarettes...but no. Amy had spoken to me about second hand smoke and now I won't even let my parents smoke in their own home. They go into the garden. It's safer for Jenson, my baby boy. Thank You Solutions 4 Health.

Donna McCauley

I've tried to stop smoking several times in the past but have never been able to stop. It has always been a struggle to get time off work to attend the clinics. Then one of my friends told me about the Solutions 4 Health on-line stop smoking service and I've been using it from the comfort of my own home ever since.


I've been using a new stop smoking service from the NHS called 'SmokeFreeLife' which allows me to see and communicate with stop smoking advisors from home. Having been a smoker since 16 this is the first time I've actually considered giving up and so far I've been quit for 4 weeks!


I live in an area where there is no provision of stop smoking services in my native language. In order to access the service I would have to travel a long distance which would be impractical as I can't drive. Luckily for smokefreelife, I could speak to an advisor in my own language and in my own home.


I have been wheelchair bound for 10 years and have been smoking 20 Cigarettes a day. Thanks to the SmokeFreeLife service I have now quit smoking without having to leave the house.


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