Bedford Primary School art and design competition

Our Smoke-Vape-free school gates campaign

Launching Our Artistic Campaign for a Smoke-Free School Environment!


Project Vision:

We are embarking on an exciting artistic endeavour to encourage a smoke-free environment around our school gates. This project will engage students from Years 5 and 6 in creating impactful artwork that highlights the importance of breathing clean air. The aim is to influence parents and reduce the habit of smoking and vaping near children, emphasizing that such actions greatly increase the likelihood of children picking up these habits.


Creative Journey:

The adventure begins with an introduction to the purpose of our project: producing striking visual messages that promote health. Students will learn about the harmful effects of smoking and vaping, understand the dangers of secondhand smoke, and consider the implications for their community. From there, we’ll dive into brainstorming and researching. Pupils will explore existing campaigns for inspiration and decide on symbols, colors, and slogans that effectively communicate our anti-smoking message.


Artistic Exploration:

In the design phase, students will have the opportunity to experiment with various layouts, colors, and messages using available art supplies. Creativity will be the cornerstone of this phase, with students encouraged to draw, paint, and even craft messages using innovative typography to ensure visibility from a distance. Key visual elements might include healthy lungs, smoke-free zones, and direct messages to parents about the impacts of their habits.


Celebrating Creativity:

The project will culminate in an art contest where every participant’s work is valued. A panel comprising teachers, parents, and senior students will judge entries based on creativity, message clarity, and visual appeal. Winners and notable entries will receive recognition, and their art will be prominently displayed at the school gates and shared widely within the community.


Impactful Outcomes:

Ultimately, the selected artworks will serve as constant, compelling reminders for parents to keep our school surroundings smoke-free. This initiative not only highlights the artistic talents of our students but also plays a crucial role in promoting community health and wellness. Let’s get creative and make a difference in our world—one breath at a time!